Licensed CPL/ATPL Pilot Courses


These Courses are applicable to CPL/ATPL Pilots, and we urge you to keep your knowledge up-to-date by making good use them!

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The following list shows all of our courses which are applicable to all Licensed Pilots. The links below will take you to a brief description of what the course entails, plus a (low resolution) preview.

Infringement Avoidance for Private & Microlight &  Commercial Pilots
Infringement Avoidance for Private & Microlight & Commercial Pilots
Be Proactive! Infringements are on the increase, causing a major issue, and is the biggest single threat to the freedom of General Aviation. Learn all about how not to become a statistic and how to keep your licence intact BEFORE it happens to you! We also teach you how to configure SkyDemon to follow the current best practice in this area for both planning and flying!

Pilot Updater for Private & Commercial Pilots
Pilot Updater for Private & Commercial Pilots
Aimed at pilots who THINK they are up to date, this course brings and keeps you right up to date with the current regulations, procedures and best practices. And the best bit is... no-one knows you have done this course form the comfort of your own home! Especially useful for pilots who operate outside of an "official" environment such as home strips, farm strips etc.

Best Navigation Practices for Private & Commercial & Microlight Pilots
Best Navigation Practices for Private & Commercial & Microlight Pilots
Everyone thinks navigating is easy these days with GPS. However, this course brings you right to the top of your game with better techniques and how not to fall into bad practices that tend to come back and bite you at the most inconvenient moment!. You'll learn techniques here that will save your bacon one day.

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